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Make no mistake: Best use of your best shortcuts promotes your best results!

Find thousands of MisterShortcut websites, with millions of unique pages,
designed and aimed to help you help yourself... that you might help the helpless.

Still, we wait to see the best of you. What good is unrealized potential?
If MisterShortcut, and the Psychology of Shortcuts, believe you have 'it,'
does it make sense for you to entertain any less ardent a belief in Y O U?
Make today one of the greatest days of your life... by purpose, goal, action.

Welcome to the world of MisterShortcut, the world of YOUR self-empowerment.
The more you learn, the more you earn. The more you give, the more you live.

Shortcuts make life easier. Learn them from those doing it best.

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MisterShortcut invented hypercharging to help save the world from emf radiation.
No doubt, electricity has long been the most invasive of all known forms of pollution.
Wireless is so much stronger! Viewing blood cells on video is a bit staggering.

Learn more, that you might live more. Shortcuts pave the way for us all.

Master shortcuts, master shortcuts, where would we be without them,
Cast your bread upon the waters, see how how far life brings them.
Shortcuts after shortcuts in the quest for silent pleasures,
and it's the greatest of those shortcuts that we choose and chance to measure.
Leap into the cauldron of life's hottest boiling messes, and grow inured to petty pains,
to gather the greatest of your treasures.

What you know and what you do are all we can say and think of you.
Shortcuts unto shortcuts, to show you the way, go ahead and make someone else's today.
Reap as you sow, as Newton knew so well, all for such great voices, to sit and teach and tell.
Shortcuts unto shortcuts for the fastest way we've found, live your live quite largely before it's time to know the ground.